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|DRC| psycheus

Friday, March 9 2007, 20:51:48 #39640     Science Toys You Can Make (scitoys.com)


Science Toys You Can Make With Your Kids

Magnetorheological fluids
A magnet in mid-air
Pyrolytic graphite in mid-air
The Gauss Rifle: A Magnetic Linear Accelerator
A Curie-effect heat engine
A Magnetic Ring Launcher
An electric motor in 10 minutes
Fun with High Voltage
A 10 minute railgun
A 30 second motor

A plastic hydrogen bomb
Building your own solar battery.
Building a Hydrogen Fuel Cell.

A quick and simple radio
Building a radio in 10 minutes
A radio out of household items
A simple AM transmitter
The Three-Penny Radio

Simple heat engines
World's simplest steam boat
A simple rocket engine
A Film Can Cannon
A metal that melts in hot water
A room temperature liquid metal alloy
A simple solar powered heat engine
Homemade Ice Cream

A Bernoulli levitation ball
A Homemade Vacuum Pump
A Classic Propellor Toy

Light and optics:
Simple laser communicator
Make a spectroscope from a CD.
Making permanent rainbows.
The impossible kaleidoscope
Make your own 3D pictures
Make a solar hotdog cooker
A solar powered marshmallow roaster

Photography through the microscope
Video through the microscope
Listening to Electric Fish
Using a video camera as a microscope

A Geodesic Dome

Computers and Electronics:
A Computer Controlled Transmitter
A Free Space Laser Data Transmitter
Fun With Solderless Breadboards
A Simple 1 Watt Amplifier

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