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Sears tool quality

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Friday, October 31 2008, 14:26:37 #41095     

I have seen the "who makes what for Sears" list before, and I have asked the same question over and over without a good answer. If an item bearing the name "Craftsman" or "Sears" or "Kenmore", etc are made by a well known manufacturer, Are the two items identical in quality and performance, or are they manufactured to a different spec? You see two tools, one with the Stanley name, the other with the Craftsman name. Apart from coloror other cosmetics, are they otherwise identical?
I try to buy the best tools, but I don't mind saving some money if I can. I am willing to pay a little more to get the best of two apparently identical items.
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|DRC| Wartex

Saturday, November 1 2008, 22:47:41 #41098     

Hi ronseto, welcome to the forum. If a specific item is made on a brand factory it has the same quality but Craftsman can have some features "crippled". For example Makita compressor can come with a nailer, heavy duty hose and a makita brad nailer, while craftsman will have an identical compressor but a crappy vinyl hose and a nailer made by somebody else or some kind of stapler. Sears washing machine can have some kind of feature missing that the original brand has, but that is very rare. Just look at the specs and the pictures and if they look identical but different color you are pretty safe to buy Craftsman if the price is much better than original brand. I've looked at some framing nailers they had and I have to say they were very well built. Code on the serial was 351 which is Colovos Co, I found they own Palm Air brand which makes air tools.

To be honest Sears pricing sucks so I usually check eBay fisrt and local tool suppliers because sometimes they have sales/specials, you never know.
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Sunday, November 2 2008, 16:01:13 #41099     

Thanks Wartex for the scoop on Craftsman. I dislike Sears because they always come up with some oddball idea that doesn't do anything to improve the product. They change their cordless battery connections every year so the batteries from one model won't interchange with a newer model of the same voltage, like Ryobi for example one + system. Now they have both a 19.2 and a 20 volt cordless Li Ion tool system. Does that make any sense?
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