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/sigh QL Lag

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|DRC| Isobarik

Thursday, December 31 2009, 02:02:49 #42750     /sigh QL Lag

Am I the only one that has issues with QL sucking?

I get green spikes on the lagometer and it is no fun to play as choppy as it is.

Any tools I can use to find out if it is my machine, my connection or their problem?

I have reinstalled XP on this machine, and the DRC Q3 server runs fine. It is just Qlive.
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|DRC| Wartex

Thursday, December 31 2009, 23:34:41 #42753     

there is a ton of things... i can explain on skype, too much to type.

I tweaked my PC to have pretty much raw CPU available for gaming. There is a ton of shit accessing the HDD in the background, there are several settings for the network card and tcp/ip as well as few cvar tweaks in ql.

Also ql netcode is utter shit compared to our server.

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|DRC| Isobarik

Friday, January 1 2010, 02:01:18 #42755     

Maybe if we get a chance sometime soon we can dial a few things in. I just don't have a desire to play Qlive very much anymore because I keep lagging and miss more often than not.
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