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|DRC| psycheus

Tuesday, June 7 2011, 01:10:28 #43508     Simple Help / Remote Desktop Support


I found this while looking for an alternative to Logmein Rescue which is way way too expensive. I use Logmein on a regular basis for computers I have full access to, however there are times when I need to help someone out but they cannot install Logmein. I'm using the trial right now and it works great. Very simple interface and it's very cheap at only a fraction of the price of Logmein Rescue.

Just wondering if anyone else has heard of it or has used it or something like it?
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|DRC| Iceman

Tuesday, June 7 2011, 21:10:09 #43512     

Sorry bro. I haven't used it, nor have I heard of it before Neutral
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|DRC| Wartex

Tuesday, June 7 2011, 22:09:17 #43515     

Psy I use single-click VNC. I don't like the central-server-authenticated type services. Server goes down and you are screwed.

EDIT: Just looked at it. It's java-based so won't work on many computers without JRE installed. I find that free version or Hamachi or Tinc plus VNC is the best solution.

Both Tinc and VNC are open source, if I get really bored I'll just make my own p2p remote desktop.

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|DRC| psycheus

Wednesday, June 8 2011, 07:36:02 #43522     

So your saying that will create a simple VPN sercured connection and then use VNC for remote desktop? Doesn't that require them to install software on their PC? And doesn't hamachi require an account? The reason I need something like this is for customers that won't or can't install stuff on their computer. What computers don't have JRE? 100% of ones that I would connect to are Windows XP or above.
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|DRC| Wartex

Wednesday, June 8 2011, 19:19:22 #43523     

None of my office PCs and most industrial customers don't have JRE because about 30% modern trojans use java applets in web pages as infection vector. Java is a fucking abomination and no one uses it online anymore, Flash, JS and HTML5 is all the rage now. AFAIK Windows 7 does not come with preinstalled JRE either.

Single-click is a single-executable VNC that does not require installation, you email it to the client, they run it, click on a button and you see their desktop. It also supports encryption. Since the customer connects to you when they run the software, you don't have to configure port forwarding on their PC.
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|DRC| psycheus

Friday, June 10 2011, 08:24:17 #43527     

On the note of the JAVA issue I was unaware of with trojans.. what software would you use to keep on a computer for remote access (IE like your remote server)? Right now I use logmein, but is there some other better alternative out there that is non JAVA based?
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