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Sony PSN network hacked, all personal information is stolen - confirmed

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|DRC| Wartex

Tuesday, April 26 2011, 21:05:14 #43456     Sony PSN network hacked, all personal information is stolen - confirmed

Information stolen:

Your name
Your address (city, state, and zip)
E-mail address
PSN password and login name

There are conformation that password were stolen as plaintext, so expect paypal and other break-ins if you used the same password.

"It is also possible that your profile data, including purchase history and billing address (city, state, zip), and your PlayStation Network/Qriocity password security answers may have been obtained. If you have authorized a sub-account for your dependent, the same data with respect to your dependent may have been obtained," Sony announced. While the company claims that there is "no evidence" that credit card information has been compromised, it won't rule out the possibility.


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|DRC| Blackshark

Wednesday, April 27 2011, 17:07:11 #43457     

good stuff. Twak!
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|DRC| Iceman

Wednesday, June 1 2011, 20:41:12 #43493     

What a shame.....I never signed up for the network when I had a PS3 and ended up selling it so I won't have to worry about that issue Nerd
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|DRC| Wartex

Tuesday, June 7 2011, 22:16:42 #43517     

Sony got hacked 4 more times since then, and source code for PS3 developer tools was stolen, along with 1 million user logins and passwords.
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|DRC| Iceman

Sunday, June 12 2011, 20:02:28 #43529     

Personally I have always been an anti-SONY guy. They are just into too many things, and end up buying other parts for most of their products from other name brand companies (i.e. Most SONY TV's have SAMSUNG parts inside), then slap their SONY logo on it, and double or triple the price Hump........No Thanks SONY! Flip off Flip off

The only thing that I have ever really liked from SONY that was made by SONY was the PlayStation, but now that's even a wash! Burned
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|DRC| Wartex

Sunday, June 12 2011, 21:59:08 #43530     

We bought a Sony Bravia TV. "Bravia" is Sony's image processing CPU. I noticed that there is nothing in the menus for image processing settings. Turns out that particular TV has no Bravia engine or any image processing whatsoever, you have to pay $100 for the next model up. It was a marketing scam. The box had "Bravia" plastered all over it. The worst part is I could have bought a much better samsung for the same price. Was fucking livid when found out.
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|DRC| Messiah

Wednesday, June 22 2011, 15:56:21 #43539     

yeah, they got my info and used it too. of course for some UK porn

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