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|DRC| Iceman

Friday, February 19 2010, 18:04:48 #42864     Stronghold

Anyone here have Stronghold? For some reason I have been craving stragety games latley, so I went and bought "Stronghold Collection" for PC. I know its an older game, but it looks pretty interesting to me. I am rather anxious to try it, but for some reason the setup file will not run. I sent the design team a quick note for assistance last night, but from what I gather on forums others are experiencing the same issue with Stronghold 2.

If anyone has this game and has somehow managed to fix this issue please post the details as I would love to know Smile ...If I figure out how to correct it first I will post the details for others wanting to play Smile
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|DRC| Iceman

Monday, February 22 2010, 20:18:37 #42883     

Finally was able to get it installed, and I have to say although it is an older game it is still really fun! Smile
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