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Thursday, September 7 2006, 13:30:56 #36474     Suggestion

Several DRC members play on JuJu's server --- some (such as me) play there frequently. The people that play there are some of the more active Q3 players... even to the point of challenging DRC.

Why not add JuJu's server to the server watch area -- in addition to ones there now or instead of one of the currently listed servers??

DRC members could look and see that Psy or OLDie or ?? is playing on JuJu's and come join the fragfest.
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Thursday, September 7 2006, 17:52:28 #36476     

Agreed - I usually visit here first it would be nice to see who is there too... Good
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Thursday, September 7 2006, 19:22:16 #36477     

the address is easy enough to add. q3.jujusjoint.com
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