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Supercharged Celica GT

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|DRC| psycheus

Sunday, July 16 2006, 14:42:53 #35577     Supercharged Celica GT

This is my buddies car that we did an engine swap and supercharger on.

2000 Celica GT converted to GTS with motor and 6 speed tranny and to top it off a greddy supercharger kit. Should be putting down around 260 or so. Not bad for an import. So far he's been eating most muscle cars and all other imports Smile

check out my newly updated gallery for pics and I have 1 vid clip of his car.

Nice video of his car taking off
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|DRC| Iceman

Sunday, July 16 2006, 20:37:46 #35604     

Damn your buddies car is geared some low.........never even heard the tires scratch the pavement.
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|DRC| psycheus

Monday, July 17 2006, 07:23:02 #35616     

Yeah it's not all that low. It's just stock gearing but it's a 6 speed and a quafe LSD (it grabs hard). Pretty nice kit but it wasn't exactly an easy bolt on. It took us most of a day to put on, but it wasn't running right, turns out the belt was too long (was getting belt slap), but it's all good now and in that video. I have more pics I took with his camera I'm trying to get from him, but that fucker is lazy and I will probably have to bug him for a good month or two before I get them.
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