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sweet ride

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Wednesday, June 22 2005, 02:28:49 #26755     sweet ride

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Wednesday, June 22 2005, 03:21:56 #26756     

What are a rednecks last words before being crushed, burned to death, drowning, or falling into a well?

46 and 2
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Wednesday, June 22 2005, 05:10:20 #26759     

dood thats fucking bad ass thanks slim Very happy

Friday, September 30 2005, 20:41:17 #29085     

I'm gonna go do that now, it looks like fun and I've got a few junk cars Smile. Would be more fun with a rear drive, rear engine car, if you could get the front to not dig into the ground, give it ski's or somethin lol.
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