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System down for awhile

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|DRC| Noakes

Saturday, September 26 2009, 13:58:15 #42577     System down for awhile

Hey all

I am in the process of Installing a mini split ductless ac in my computer room so while all the PC's up there are off I decided to do a few upgrades to several PC's in the house. I wont be seen having my butt handed to me by Wartex for a couple of days. Yes Hope all y'all are doing well!
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|DRC| psycheus

Friday, October 23 2009, 11:31:28 #42604     

Damn man you have a server closet at your house? Which A/C did you use?
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|DRC| Noakes

Friday, October 23 2009, 18:25:43 #42606     

Its a Sanyo, its installed in the ceiling of the room. Cost me about 2600. Its for my room over the garage not a closet. I keep my gaming rig and a few other PC's up there. I also will sleep up there when Im on the night shift so I want to be comfortable. I'm having trouble finding the correct adapter for the r410a freon. My local AC guy doesn't even have one. Sigh.. Unhappy I'll post a pic or two if you'd like. Smile
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