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Thursday, April 9 2009, 09:26:02 #41391     Television shows

I really like this show on NBC called "Life". I don't know if anyone else here watches it, but if you want to see why I do, you can click right here http://www.hulu.com/watch/67093/life-one

Yesterday's season finale was great.

Historically, I don't really watch much TV. But for approximately 7-8 months now, I have managed to find a few shows here and there I like. The only problem is, I am a thinking person, and hit tv shows aren't really made for that. So what keeps happening is, I find a show, like it, start following it, and after about 5 episodes or so, I start to realize how many problems it has (essentially, how BAD it is). The pattern is: 1. Discovery 2. Exhilaration 3. Dedication (to the show) 4. Thematic Understanding sets in 5. Creeping boredom 6. Disgust

Of all the "New Hit Series" Lie to Me is probably the worst offender. I won't bother to list how many things are wrong with the show. The thing that truly kills it (and the audience) I think is that it is 'High Concept'. If you're going to have a high concept movie, that's fine. That's what Fast and Furious was: the draw of the show was "Hey look at these fast cars and hot chicks".

But with TV shows, it's different. You're not just entertaining some kids at the mall for 2 hours. For an hour every week, you have to keep adults in the fickle 20-40 crowd interested. These are busy people, and they aren't going to waste their time on something that isn't awesome. Lie to Me isn't awesome. Every episode feels like the Pilot, because the main characters instead of developing naturally have to spend time explaining their magical voodoo science to people who pretend to not understand. The show is relying on the high concept crutch of "Dude check it out, this guy can tell when people are lying!" instead of having a collection of elements that draw viewers in, as any good show does.

Every main character in the show is a one-note, one trick pony. Its as if you're watching the same episode every time.

That is why I like Life. It will surprise you. You think, "Uh huh, now she's going to do this..." and then she DIES, bitch! Every other episode of Life is like fan-service day, where everything you wish would happen actually comes true. It makes you wonder why other shows can't be like this.

The problem is that... Life is still a modern tv show, and has its own problems, but you get deliriously happy watching it, because the only thing you have to compare it to is crap like Lie to Me or American Idol.

I guess this has been my TV rant.

Oh and I like Fringe.
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|DRC| Wartex

Friday, April 10 2009, 21:42:27 #41392     

noderoom, about half of DRC doesn't live in USA. So Hulu is inaccessible to them.

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Monday, April 13 2009, 05:58:07 #41397     Re: Television shows

NodeRoom, I feel your pain. I think this comic probably sums up some of your feelings:

I have seen almost every episode of Life and still enjoy it. With "Lie to Me", I really liked the first few episodes, but haven't seem any more. I've seen some of Fringe, my parents tell me it is good and you too, so I will prob download in the future.
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