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The Great White Hype!

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|DRC| Wang

Friday, December 22 2006, 23:35:05 #38656     The Great White Hype!

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo...

I have been a big Dallas fan since I was a little kid. No matter where I moved I always kept up with them.
To tell you the truth I have jumped on the bandwagon about this guy. I'm really excited to see where he can lead this team. Granted, he's not TECHNICALLY a rookie but he has'nt had that much playing time prior to this season.
I get a feeling of watching Troy Aikman back in the day, but with a little modern day style of Drew Brees. Aggressive passer, but not confined to the pocket. He can throw on the run or keep it for positive yardage. T.O. is finally getting the rotation of catches that everyone knows he's been wanting to bitch about. Although under the new light of Bill Parcells he's developing butterfingers. At least one game has been lost at the hands (or lack thereof) of T.O.
Although Dallas has earned a spot in the playoffs their defense is really bugging me lately. Roy Williams has been very inconsistent these past 2 games, not picking up coverage correctly and letting deep routes get by him.
BTW, what ever happened to that brick wall that used to be a run defense? The Saints just pounded them like vietnamese house boys. The linebackers need to shore that up pretty quick if they expect to go past the first round of the playoffs.

Thoughts on upcoming teams / games???
I see Honesty and Greed fighting with lightsabers. Honesty is decapitated, and Greed takes a steamy piss on the dead body. -Wartex Maul 3:16-
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|DRC| psycheus

Saturday, December 23 2006, 12:21:44 #38674     

Man, it's sad but I haven't kept up on football in awhile. Probably ever since Steve Young was qb for SF Niners. What sprots sites do you use to catch up on this stuff with? I should read up on this stuff.
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Saturday, December 23 2006, 13:49:50 #38681     

Hate the Cowgirls Love the Wang! Hug


Nothing else be said on this topic - Dallas Cowgirls going down in flames - Burned once they lose to the EAGLES this week they will lose their last game too and will be out of the playoffs... Hump

Fly Eagles fly, on the road to victory...
Fight, Eagles Fight...
Score a touchdown 1,2,3...
Hit em' low, hit em' high, and watch our Eagles Fly...
Fly, Eagles fly, on the road to victory!
E A G L E S - Eagles!
Very happy Very happy Very happy
The Harder You Work The Luckier You Get!
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|DRC| Zyprexa

Saturday, December 23 2006, 14:45:53 #38682     

I'm a Denver Broncos fan. The only time I saw them play was when they won the Superbowl in 1998/99 Wink
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|DRC| Marblecake

Saturday, December 23 2006, 17:15:17 #38692     

SOrry my team is the Giants. I know they suck but they are my team.
"Shrink" Are you a assasin? "Me" Assasin sounds so exotic. Im just a murderer.
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Monday, December 25 2006, 21:45:38 #38711     Re: The Great White Hype!

|DRC| Wang wrote:

Thoughts on upcoming teams / games???

Sorry Wang - He isn't close to Troy - Their Playoff hopes stay alive and are LUCKY to be getting Detroit next week!
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Tuesday, January 2 2007, 19:37:50 #38883     

Lost to Detroit and STILL made the playoffs... WTF WTF
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|DRC| Wang

Friday, January 5 2007, 23:00:23 #38926     

Yup, going to travel to Seattle for a little vengence for that mishap with the field goal unit... WTF
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