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*****THE SHIT LIST*****

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|DRC| Iceman

Tuesday, April 26 2005, 12:07:59 #24943     *****THE SHIT LIST*****

This thread is intented for anyone to post about Companies that have either screwed you over, or have sneaky business practises. I think its our duty to make these bastards known so others can learn from our mistakes. So if you've ran into a known scam or had a bad experience with a large company post the reason, and the outcome of your situation (if any).

So I ask, who has shit in your cornflakes latley? Eek!
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Wednesday, April 27 2005, 08:55:29 #24989     

Comcast fo life.
Until I accept it, I am nothing.
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|DRC| Marblecake

Wednesday, April 27 2005, 19:48:58 #24998     

"Shrink" Are you a assasin? "Me" Assasin sounds so exotic. Im just a murderer.
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|DRC| Iceman

Friday, April 29 2005, 00:33:26 #25032     

Block Buster - For their poor customer service, and stupid policies Sucks
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Friday, April 29 2005, 04:54:04 #25034     

lol I worked at blockbuster.

AMC Theatres. Every theatre I have been in (including the ones in downtown disney and in Las Vegas) have had too few cashiers at the concession stand. If I can't have my fat kid needs validated, then I might as well go to another theatre.
The Zeros Homepage
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Friday, April 29 2005, 12:57:53 #25041     

|DRC| Iceman wrote:
Block Buster - For their poor customer service, and stupid policies Sucks

I 2nd the blockbuster thing. That place is a joke. I never go there anymore.
46 and 2
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Friday, April 29 2005, 20:03:55 #25051     

It's all about the mom and pops rental places with the curtained back room full of porn. Tongue
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Friday, April 29 2005, 20:55:24 #25057     

yeah, and because of Blockbuster there are less and less mom and pop rental places, and in turn less back-of-the-store curtained porn rooms. Thats why I made my own. Now I just need to find someone to wear the gimp suit. Paranoid
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|DRC| Iceman

Saturday, April 30 2005, 15:01:21 #25062     

The sad part is I can rent the exact same DVD or VHS at a local farmers market and pay $1.50 - $2.00 Vs. $10.00 at Ballbusters Rocket Launcher
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Saturday, April 30 2005, 15:19:33 #25069     

My family currently does the any 2 dvds out at one time thing at blockbuster, but I've been checking out netflix. Does anyone use it?
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|DRC| Iceman

Saturday, April 30 2005, 15:27:12 #25071     

I have never even heard of it to be honest WTF I'm guessing its like internet TV or something?
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|DRC| Marblecake

Saturday, April 30 2005, 18:21:31 #25080     

I have heard of it but have never used it Slim. I barely rent movies. If I cant download them I just buy them.
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|DRC| Wartex

Saturday, April 30 2005, 19:51:48 #25084     

Ask Kill@Will

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Saturday, April 30 2005, 20:13:18 #25087     

SONY for making pos2 iv owned 5 of them 3 of them fucked up and i took good care of them to :/
|DRC| Marblecake

Sunday, May 1 2005, 02:38:01 #25094     

Have you ever checked the ribbon for the cd drive. They usually come unplugged causing it to not read.
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Tuesday, May 3 2005, 17:36:04 #25211     

Yeah Netflix is pretty damn good. I receive movies very quickly and all at the same time. I tried walmarts online dvd rental before that and it took a couple days to get the movies and they usually came back 1 at a time. I'm definitely satisfied with Netflix.
|DRC| psycheus

Sunday, May 15 2005, 14:23:35 #25818     

Netfilx rocks Slim, also the movies get shipped out of the Bay Area so you get them within a day. My family and friends use it. A++ IMHO Wink
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Friday, October 7 2005, 12:06:50 #29179     

Verizon Wireless should be shot in the face. Ever since I switched to sprint, i'll never change again.
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|DRC| Marblecake

Sunday, October 9 2005, 14:41:06 #29217     

Use cingular. Clarry Gimme multimedia, I only have 20 a month for 2 bucks.
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|DRC| Iceman

Sunday, October 9 2005, 15:44:23 #29218     

|DRC| Marblecake wrote:
Use cingular. Clarry Gimme multimedia, I only have 20 a month for 2 bucks.

If you would have changed and asked me 2 months ago, before I got this new postion and had a previous AT&T Wireless I could have looked to see if anything was available (free promos) or not, but now I can't make any changes to accounts now. Sowwwwwy Unhappy
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|DRC| intekra

Monday, January 5 2009, 16:48:07 #41226     

Old thread, but this needs to be added:

SBHCorp.com fucked me, without lube.

December of 2007: Placed an order for an Alpine GPS (to dock in the deck in my car)

Called a few days later to check status because I never received email confirmation. Spoke to someone who told me the item was back-ordered. I requested to cancel and was told my order was canceled and would not be charged.

Few weeks later, I was charged for the item. I called and bitched and was given the run around for WEEKS! During this time I called my bank to reverse the charges. My bank was unable to do anything without a receipt (WTF? - where am I supposed to get a receipt from something I didn't order?) I get mad and they tell me I need to fax over the details, etc. I fax the stuff over, and call the next day. They didn't receive the fax. I sent it again. I call again a couple days later. Nothing received and was told that I exceeded the 90 day deadline for disputes. So a great big FUCK YOU goes to WaMu for that BS.

April 2008: Finally got ahold of the owner/person who would be able to issue refund after calling DAILY for 3 WEEKS. Was told they would send out a check and I should have it in a few days. Called a week later and they said it was in the mail.

January 2009: Still no refund. $564 has been stolen from me. FUCK YOU SBHCORP.com

Next time I'm in/near Brooklyn I will be fire-bombing the place.
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|DRC| Wartex

Monday, January 5 2009, 20:12:50 #41229     

Intekra, I usually never trust the reps on the phone, I call back in about an hour and speak to a different rep who confirms that the prev rep made the changes. 6 times out of 10 prev rep either did nothing or did not fully complete the transaction.

Me and Ice worked for call centers and this is pretty standard shit because most of these companies are either large corporations where nobody gives a fuck, or redneck trailer family businesses where the proverbial "nephew" is the webmaster, CIO, CEO, CTO and accountant all the the same time.

Also I would like to slap you for dealing with WaMu. Bank of America and WaMu are probably the most lowly companies with only Pfizer, Humana and Manulife topping them in shittiness.

I bought a laptop battery on ebay and after 2 weeks of emailing the guy about not receiving it (never responds to emails/ebay messages) and submitting a dispute I got nowhere. So I started looking for info and found some emails with this guy's username and first and last name on the same page. I ran WHOIS on domains but they had the privacy enabled. But domains were old before all this private WHOIS shit. I went to domaintools.com (not sure) and they had WHOIS "history" but only for paid members. Luckily they had a free trial.
So I dug up his business phone from 1999 WHOIS and called. Some chinese chick picked up and offered me to get a call back from "Mr. Cho" because he is busy. I said that shit is not going to fly and I need his cell. I said I won't tell him she gave it to me and she reluctantly gave it up.

I called him and and he said he was on a vacation (after "omfg how did you get this phone number") and will look into it "tomorrow". I said no motherfucker, look up the listing right now.
He had a laptop so he looked it up an said there was a mistake bla bla bla and he will ship it ASAP. A week later I got my battery.

When you call you can tell quite early into the conversation if there is progress or you are stuck in a circle. Most common shit they give you is "this system or person is not available now and we will take a note and do it later". And when you call later, something else is missing (receipts, proof of purchase etc).

First of all you gotta get the person who is answering that if they have no control over the situation (i.e. it's just a rep who can't access the billing system) to get the fuck out and transfer you up the chain. Never agree to callbacks. Second step is to tell the person in control that since they are at fault YOU will tell them what to do and not vice versa and you are not faxing them shit unless they have evidence to counter your claims.

Third step is to convince the person that they are at fault. I.e. they will swear to God they shipped it or cancelled it, but then you ask for tracking or confirmation number and... they have no evidence. Always write down order #'s so you have some kind of point of reference in their systems.

Exploit weaknesses such as reps who give out internal phone numbers, and then call the number from your cell while rep is still on the phone. In most cases number will be bogus or lead to a general directory so you can call bullshit right away, but if the number is valid, you can drive some billing rep bonkers to a point where they will be interested to help you just to get rid of you.

I basically corner the motherfuckers until they see that the only course of action is to bend over and do what I say.

So basically be short, be direct and subtly be a dick.
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|DRC| Messiah

Tuesday, January 6 2009, 22:16:13 #41231     

Im not far from brooklyn!

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|DRC| intekra

Wednesday, January 7 2009, 11:37:40 #41236     

Messiah wrote:
Im not far from brooklyn!

$100 bounty if you retrieve the $564 for me Smile
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|DRC| psycheus

Monday, May 4 2009, 10:48:57 #41704     

From their website:

SBC CORP wrote:
1678 53rd STREET

Monday- Thursday : 9-7 EST
Friday : 9-6 EST
Sunday : 10 - 5 EST

TEL: (718) 438-1027
TOLL FREE: 1 (800) 451-5851
FAX: (718) 438-4621

EMAIL: info@sbhcorp.com

IP of the server ( SBHCORP.COM

Hosted by:

ws.arin.net wrote:
OrgName: Cogswell Enterprises Inc.
Address: 53 W Jackson Blvd.
Address: Suite 635
City: Chicago
StateProv: IL
PostalCode: 60604
Country: US

ReferralServer: rwhois://rwhois.wiredtree.com:4321

NetRange: -
OriginAS: AS19066
NetHandle: NET-208-86-152-0-1
Parent: NET-208-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Allocation
RegDate: 2008-01-24
Updated: 2008-01-24

RAbuseHandle: ABUSE1587-ARIN
RAbuseName: Abuse
RAbusePhone: +1-312-447-0510
RAbuseEmail: abuse@wiredtree.com

RNOCHandle: NOC2219-ARIN
RNOCPhone: +1-312-447-0510
RNOCEmail: noc@wiredtree.com

RTechHandle: NOC2219-ARIN
RTechName: NOC
RTechPhone: +1-312-447-0510
RTechEmail: noc@wiredtree.com

OrgAbuseHandle: ABUSE1587-ARIN
OrgAbuseName: Abuse
OrgAbusePhone: +1-312-447-0510
OrgAbuseEmail: abuse@wiredtree.com

OrgNOCHandle: NOC2219-ARIN
OrgNOCPhone: +1-312-447-0510
OrgNOCEmail: noc@wiredtree.com

OrgTechHandle: NOC2219-ARIN
OrgTechName: NOC
OrgTechPhone: +1-312-447-0510
OrgTechEmail: noc@wiredtree.com

# ARIN WHOIS database, last updated 2009-05-03 19:10
# Enter ? for additional hints on searching ARIN's WHOIS database.

What's really shady is I cannot find any Domain Registrars records for this domain.
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|DRC| Wartex

Monday, May 11 2009, 22:38:04 #41808     

they are with netsol and private reg
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Saturday, May 16 2009, 05:09:35 #41836     

that guy who cut me off
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|DRC| Iceman

Saturday, December 5 2009, 13:34:28 #42715     

Morons that don't know how to drive. Specifically the ones that want you to go when its their right of way. Rocket Launcher
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|DRC| Iceman

Saturday, November 5 2011, 13:41:16 #43840     


To that dumbass pedestrian who got pissed off when I didn't stop.

Suggestions for the future:

1) When you want to cross the street; here is a word of advice. USE A FUCKING CROSSWALK!

2) When you walk casually out into the street into traffic and you are not on a sidewalk you have 3 options: Option #1) Try to get across the road before the car runs you over. Option #2) Stop and wait for the car to pass and the traffic to clear before continuing to cross. Option #3) Get your ass ran over and pulverized into the pavement.

Some education for you on "Rules of the Road": It's not your fucking right of way if you are NOT on a sidewalk, so don't get pissed off when I don't stop, AND I WON'T! Especially, when you could have pulled your fat ass another 20 feet up the street and crossed on a side walk which I would have stopped for!

If you want/need to learn about the rules of the road, I will be happy to pick your dumb ass up a copy of the Drivers Handbook.

To that other moron sitting at a flashing left green light, waiting for oncoming traffic when its your right of way, and you should be entering the intersection and turning "while" that little fucking green arrow is still flashing, I will pick you up a Drivers Handbook as well! You not only entered and sat in the middle of intersection during a green flashing left (without turning), you also completed your turn on a Red Light, and could have easily caused an accident on both sides of the street, because your too fucking stupid to know its YOUR RIGHT OF WAY!

This is why I don't own a gun, and will remain anti-firearms. It keeps me from acting on thoughts in head and cleaning up stupid ass morons like YOU!

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|DRC| Wartex

Monday, November 7 2011, 20:31:21 #43842     

My pet peeve is morons who sit in right lane on Lacewood to turn into home depot driveway and don't turn until the light goes green. YOU CAN TURN RIGHT ON RED, FUCKING MORONS. Mad Mad Mad
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