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|DRC| Marblecake

Tuesday, October 31 2006, 10:51:52 #37500     Tips for your car.......

I know winter is here for most of us. Now everyone please check the following. Coolant temp range, it make say its good to -40 but if its dirty please have it flushed. If you have more then 130000 on your car make sure it is done by hand and not a flush machine. Head gaskets can get too much pressure from these machines and casue havoc.

Battery- If you have a battery that is over 3 years please have it checked. If there is corrosion "green shit on terminals" they make a spray to clean this.

Transmission fluid- Make sure in automatics the color is a nice red. If it is orange it is starting to break down. Also watch high mileage transmissions flushing can cause more damage then good. This can prevent a car from shifting.

Tires- If your tires reach 3/32 you need them. Tread depth gauges are available at any parts house.

Remember if your coolant is bad or lower it will cause your heat not work at max or even work at all.

Make sure all belts are tip top. If they are dry and cracked please have it replaced. Belts make water pumps, alts and ps pumps work. PLease do not get stuck. Especially you canucks.
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|DRC| Wartex

Tuesday, October 31 2006, 14:04:44 #37510     

Hug Awesome tips!

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|DRC| psycheus

Wednesday, November 1 2006, 10:08:00 #37546     

Good Here in California we are lucky. It gets a chilling 40 degrees F at the coldest only in the earily mornings ;P. Never see snow or sleet, just rain (but it's been pretty dry thus far this year).
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