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|DRC| psycheus

Saturday, January 6 2007, 14:03:44 #38939     Topic doesn't exist

If you have a news story but it requires editing, post it here first and format it. Once it's ready to be published, send me a PM and I will move it to News.

From the front page it says the topic News which doesn't exist any longer. However I would either like to bring it back or add one under General forums like "Informative" or "Informational".
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|DRC| Wartex

Sunday, January 7 2007, 16:09:18 #38999     


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|DRC| Death

Monday, January 8 2007, 13:41:02 #39008     

Ya I know what he means. It says in the Drafts forum that it will be moved to 'News' when it's complete. The 'News' forum doesn't exist any more, it's split into categories. Might be worth deleting that forum.
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