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Trailer that has EVERYONE GUESSING

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|DRC| Messiah

Tuesday, July 10 2007, 23:38:32 #40203     Trailer that has EVERYONE GUESSING

this trailer premiered before transformers.. NO BODY knows anything about the movie.. and its becoming a witch hunt. Check the trailer

then check forum(you must register for free) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1060277/board/threads/
or http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1060277/ which needs no reg..but you cant read threads

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|DRC| Iceman

Wednesday, July 11 2007, 15:39:54 #40208     

The first link looks pretty good, but I can't see the second one because I don't have an account.........Whats the name of it? Very happy
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|DRC| Messiah

Wednesday, July 11 2007, 15:50:14 #40209     

do a search for JJ Abrams and its the UNTITLE JJ ABRAMS PROJECT 2008
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|DRC| Syntax

Wednesday, July 11 2007, 17:25:29 #40213     

I also can't see the second one, but the movie's "codename/project name" is "Cloverfield".

Also the site: http://www.1-18-08.com/ (supposedly there's a ghoul's face between the two girls)

And : www.slusho.jp

Was made by the company for the site, and according to Wiki (isn't wiki the shit?) there are many OTHER similar sites made for the movie that have yet to be discovered just yet. Which I think is a really cool marketing idea for the film.


Seeing as how I'm REALLY intrigued by this I'm doing research on it!

The guy near the end running by says "I saw it, It's a lion <<?!, It's huge" At first I thought he said it's ALIVE it's huge, but it's alive is common fucking sense, ofcourse it's alive, so possibly a huge lion? The roar kinda matches what a lion would make.......but...that's even more puzzling than the entire trailer itself.

Voltron possibility? Alot of other people on the net seem to think this is a big possibility. But last I checked, Voltron was piloted by a crew from earth, and they didn't DESTROY cities, they tried to protect them. Voltron matches the guy saying "it's a lion", since they were basically puma's/lionesses.

Godzilla?: I say 100% NO. It's not possible for this to be a Godzilla movie, mainly because GODZILLA DOES NOT SOUND LIKE THAT! All fans remember the true Godzilla roar, and even the shitty remake had a piece of it in there.

Rampage? (World Tour, old game): I don't know about this, it's possible, but Rampage didn't start in New York, and there's nothing there to actually cause a chemical reaction to transform people, also, there is no lion in Rampage.

Even though I said, there's not way this is going to be Godzilla related, I do have to say the hints lean more towards that than any possibility at all! Godzilla originated in Japan, is considered a Japanese monster and so forth. Even if you research the Slusho theory. (there's a shirt in the trailer that says it on there) It leads to Japaneses advertising, which by all means could be completely fake. Rob "the main dude" is going to Japan, it doesn't actually say he's leaving on 1-18-08 so that could be completely irrelevant.

Nothing special to found on the ny1 website, which I had hopes for.

HUZZAH...must...research more....must..find....more....ugh
The truth only hurts the weak minded.
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|DRC| Messiah

Wednesday, July 11 2007, 20:47:14 #40214     

if you want to know more.. try youtube. a lot of what you have said has already been discussed.
I would register at imdb.com (its free) then click the link i posted.. they are talking about it every second..

this is what I have so far.

ITS NOT VOLTRON. DO A SEARCH ON IMDB.COM FOR VOLTRON you will see its already in preproduction and not affiliated with JJ abrams

Yes slusho.jp is connected to the movie.
The movie is NOT CALLED Cloverfield or 1-18-08 or Slusho
They dont say its a LION but rather ITS ALIVE.
My best guess is the movie takes place in March on st pattys day..why? because the weather is 68 degrees and the empire state building is all green.. which only happens twice a year.. earth day being the other.
There are supposidly more sites to search for
HAAS has nothing to do with this movie.
The license plates MEANS NOTHING
Here are some pics of things in question:

This is an address of 401 Broadway giving a location of about:

The building in the explosion is the walworth building, debunking ideas that the explosion came from ground zero.

this shows a time of 11:15 which at beginning as rob walks in.. and then the time on the news shows 12:32 four minutes before one of the pics from 1-18-08.com. so over ONE hour elapses from the time the trailer starts and the head lands on the ground...


nothing found yet

shows to lines F D which run along 6th ave.. confirming location

other tidbits

the SLUSHO shirt!:

at 1:43 in trailer.. you can hear a voice in the static saying something.. so far (unknown)

Link on YouTube
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|DRC| Syntax

Wednesday, July 11 2007, 21:57:46 #40215     

LMFAO@"dinosaur shape smoke!" cue epic movie! Laughing
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|DRC| Messiah

Wednesday, July 11 2007, 23:29:38 #40216     

I found the monster

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|DRC| Syntax

Thursday, July 12 2007, 03:23:09 #40221     

Hahahaha, nice!

After more thinking, I'm going to have to retract my claim about not being Godzilla!

The last SHITTY<<< american made Godzilla movie, ended with a scene in which they thought Godzilla was killed. (when we all speculated what really happened, and also there was that last egg at the end of the movie)

Also after viewing more of the video's made by the guy that you posted, he has a section where he plays back the runners line over and over in different frequencies. It clearly does say "I saw it, it's ALIVE, It's huge"

Now considering the ending of Godzilla, saying that wouldn't be too far fetched if this was to be made a "canon" film.

What I don't get however is the picture of the girl or girls, the shaking resemblance and ability to line up the photo still has me stumped. Either way, they're clearly INSIDE looking UP at something, INSIDE. Now either they're BOTH staring at some person in there, or whatever the "creature" is, is in there with them. Which indicates a further theory of mine, that the falling "debri" which I found to be very ODD, debri like that would not randomly shoot out of a building explosion, they looked launched. So possibly a bigger unit dispatching smaller ones.

Also the menacing face on the 9 girl is completely out of place, it doesn't go with any theories, there's almost no reason for it other than to attact your attention to the obvious put in 9. (Or another part of the smaller unit scenario)

And apparently Rob is a gay, since he's holding hands with some dude while taking that shot, kinda fruity, whether best friends or not.

What I think, is that the identity of the camera man is kinda important since the scene where they insist of saying "Yeah I'm like your main dude." was almost completely singled out from the rest of the trailer.

Also, who the fuck is Jason? (If you listen near the end just before the head falls, someone screams "WHERE'S JASON?! HAS ANYONE SEEN JASON!?" You can clearly hear this over the idiots running away from the action, so it had to be a "main" character's voice.

After looking at that fridge pic in infranview, the side sticker has the world "Mystery" on it, either that or "Monster" I'm not too sure, but it looks like a Y at the end. The sheet in the center seems to be covered in Kanji, though it's too blurry for me to be able to read it clearly.

All the pics seems to be of our wonder twins from the pic at 1-18-08. So I'm guessing, yeah they're sisters/twins.

The empire state being green could just be caused by some camera affect and not really be that color.

Something that's been bugging just alittle too. The SIZE of the "creature" doesn't add up. This thing was big enough to cause a quake throughout basically ALL of new york. Yet you never see it? Godzilla can't even pull that off, and you can see him from....well yea.

............maybe this is "Tremors XXXXXXXXVII : Graboids fuck up New York"
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|DRC| Messiah

Thursday, July 12 2007, 22:04:17 #40225     

3rd pic released on 1-18-08.com
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|DRC| Syntax

Friday, July 13 2007, 17:12:31 #40226     

Doesn't really show much except the time stamp, which seems to be the main theme going on with the viral marketing campaign.

Maybe there ARE other sites out there that no one has stumbled upon.
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