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|DRC| Blackshark

Saturday, May 12 2012, 04:06:37 #43970     Tribes Ascend

Hey guys. I've been playing Tribes Ascend for a couple month now and since it isn't beta anymore the entry barrier has gotten very low.

Look at tribes as quake in pretty. It is fast, has projectile based weapons and is very fun to play.
Also you have the same skill experience like quake does where you can watch yourself getting better while you play without getting bored.

If you guys want to play sometime or want to check it out i encourage you to use my referral link when you sign up.
The game itself is free you play and you can get all equipment without spending a penny if that is what you desire.

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|DRC| Wartex

Saturday, May 19 2012, 15:06:06 #43974     

I was trying to get Noakes to get it. I'll play tribes if you get BF3, promise.

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|DRC| Blackshark

Monday, May 21 2012, 04:25:00 #43976     

you are not giving up on that Rocket Launcher ROFL
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