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Upcoming chnages in recruiting process.

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Sunday, July 5 2009, 00:23:36 #42326     Upcoming chnages in recruiting process.

Me and Blackshark are working on an "aptitude" test to screen all future applicants. The test has 100 multiple choice questions that determine general knowledge and intelligence. There are some common sense bits and some scientific questions that are basic school material. The passing grade (percentage) is to be determined. All new members will be required to write the test. Test results will be kept confidential (deleted after evaluation) and only known to Regents.

Here's some sample questions:

What is the population of Earth?
What is the biggest country on Earth?
What country has it's own continent?
What is the sum of angles in a triangle?
Octagon has how many sides?
What causes seasons change?
What causes tides?
How many planets are in our solar system?

and so on.

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