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Video streams coming up soon

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|DRC| Wartex

Tuesday, October 4 2005, 23:21:37 #29143     Video streams coming up soon

I decided to fuck around with video, for now I will stream trickjumping videos and other shit from own-age, and maybe some funny clips.

If you have any ideas, post here. Please don't post "wow nice" because it's useless at best. Please help with constructive and creative suggestions and not a collective "that would be cool" quire.

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Wednesday, October 5 2005, 03:51:45 #29145     

Promode Dance


Some of the most incredible ramping and wall-climbing I've ever seen in cpma. this is NOT a defrag vid, it's all actual cpma mod. I'm going to go back through my collection and pick out other good videos.

Oh, and very cool idea, but where are you getting the bandwidth for all of this? lol "now entering the DRC data center"
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Wednesday, October 5 2005, 14:13:27 #29149     

Spell of Destruction 5


Watch mitsu own platapus, also detinu's stuff on csu1_a is amazing, its not the best trick movie ever but its about 20 minutes long so it makes for a good "tv" show. Good music too, its mainly a trance/club blend.


The Next Level


All cetus runs. Need I say more?


The Art of Tricking II


The most amazing rocket chases I've ever seen in a q3 trick movie. Well made with good music.


The Art of Tricking


Not as well polished and produced as part II but worth watching. Great tricks, straight-forward editing.


Other obvious stuff would be any/all PurePwnage episodes, Tricking iT 2, Bjorns movie (go photek!), Wangs movie, the Lags movie you d/l a few nights ago when we were on skype, maybe some Happy Tree Friends?

OH and I finally have my 5mbps line running @ true speeds. So my upload also increased. If you want to give another shot at using my 2nd pc for processing and bandwith lets try again.
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