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Who owns who: Ridgid, Mulwaukee, Ryobi, AEG

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Tuesday, May 22 2007, 22:47:55 #40073     Who owns who: Ridgid, Mulwaukee, Ryobi, AEG

Side note: Ryobi, Ridgid, AEG and Milwaukee tools are manufactured by TekTronics International aka TTI (surprise, surprise!!!) which is based in Hongkong. Ridgid DOES NOT belong to Home Depot like some of HD employees state. They just have a semi-exclusive deal (the deal is exclusive but you can still buy stuff elsewhere) for some products, especially Ryobi.

Here's what I found on the net:

Emerson Electric owns Ridge Tool and the "Ridgid" brand name. Emerson also makes some (but not all) of the tools sold under the "Craftsman" brand. As pointed out in the Emerson news release, the new "Orange" Ridgid tool line is made under license by TekTronics International (TTI) which is based in Hongkong. TTI is the parent company of Ryobi and One World Technologies (OWT).

All Ridgid benchtop, stationary and hand held tools (drills, sanders, saws, etc...) are manufactred by T.T.I. with the exception of four tools which are made in Germany by Metabo (grinders and hammer drills).

T.T.I. also does some private label for Sears Craftsman and a small amount of Mastercraft for Canadian Tire (Canada only) to their spec requests. Other than the four tools made in Germany all other tools are made in either Taiwan or China (except Ryobi routers - they are made in South Carolina, USA).

T.T.I. purchased all the tooling (moulds) from Emerson Electric when they bought that division from them so the tools are pretty much the same except for the colour change and a few improvements and lower prices. Emerson Electric still makes the wet/dry vacuums and air filtration units and Ridge Tool(a div. of Emerson Electric) is still making all plumbing tools and devices.

Props to imported_CWSmith and Jim Swamp from Ridgid forums.
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