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Why I like Goa, Psytrance, Full-on and Ambient

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|DRC| Wartex

Friday, September 16 2005, 01:18:06 #28845     Why I like Goa, Psytrance, Full-on and Ambient

I just want to write about why I like Psytrance/Goa/Ambient...

This may sound like a rant but it's more relevant here.

A few things to begin with:

1) To me "song" does not mean that someone is yelling lyrics into the microphone. Synth oscillators and effect processors sing too.

2) It's incorrect to spell "bass" as in "bass guitar" as "base":

People who say "I bought a base guitar" or "Drum and base" are yokels.

3) I hate more than anything else (how much hatred in me, eh?), songs that have stupid looping of the same samples, especially lyrics, bass and drums. 99% of music is like that. When I hear the same loop with no changes more than 8 times in a row, it makes me vomit.

4) I listen to almost no music with lyrics for the reason 99% of songs have a dictionary of about 1000 words. I can pick 20 random words from that dictionary and make a song and it will sound as good as a recent hit, example: Love, you, my, her, wind, road, eyes, roses, hair, night, stars, day, sun, guitar, head, home, California, cowboy, boys, girl, woman, hate, drugs, guns, rolling (and variations), hood, world, wrong, kill, soul.

This is a very short list of words, and take ANY hit, and you will see it fits even into that very small set. And NO, this is not because these are frequently used words. How many times a day you say "guitar" or "hair", or even "love". Well, if you have a very poor vocabulary your speech probably revolves around these words. Simply put, I spend about 15 hours a week in headphones on my comp, and about 60 hours listening to other sources. Any new song pretty much becomes instantly boring.

5) I despise people who have a very narrow knowledge in a specific field, with WRONG jargon, who "lol" at you when you point out they don't know jack shit about music or technology used to produce it, even though they are the lead singer in some second-hand band.


I have turned to Psychedelic trance, Goa. Note this is not your average "boom boom wiuuuu" repetitive garbage trance you hear on the net radio or CDs or "DJ <insert name> remix" trash. Things I listen to (Hallucinogen, Shpongle, Astral Projection, Infected Muchroom, Marilyn Manson) have vivid superiority over other kinds of music. Even classical music seems boring against those.

In quality psytrance, say Hallucinogen, Shpongle, Infected Mushroom, bassline alone is a piece of art. Get L.S.D. by Hallucinogen, turn off all frequencies except 150 Hz and below and listen to the bass. Now do the same with some DJ Tiesto, Rolling Stones or Sting. What do you hear? With Hallucinogen it's something continuous and non-repetitive, not boring. With others it's "booo booo buuu buuu" with the same interval entire song. Lyrics cover it so it's not noticeable, song doesn't seam repetitive because when voice pitch changes, it creates an illusion of changing music. When in fact it's same fucking riff, bass and drum pattern playing fucking over and over and over.

I'm not even talking about lead synth and abundance of other samples, effects and everchanging loops, like multiple separate melodies, united by pitch, tempo or combination of variations of both. Bass rarely doubles guitars or drums in psytrance, it fills the void that other kinds of music have.

Have you ever seen those bands that play popular melodies with bottles, spoons, some cans and even a dishwasher door? You know why? Because it's easy to resemble them. Now, ask them to imitate a sawtooth over a sine signal with panning channels, changing pitch and swinging phase.

I don't agree that there is "no bad music, there is just music you don't like". I don't like it not for personal taste reasons, but for technical reasons. It may sound stupid, but most of the music that is produced is outright shit "for the masses". Some people like ATB's "It's a fine day" where Miss Jane repeats that phrase 100 times in a row, changing the intonation. It's great for the dancefloor, where tards jump to a beat and don't care about the lyrics. If you go to any audiophile forum, you will see people listen to some artists you never heard of. When you download it, it makes you wonder why still keep those 50 GB of some 2nd grade pop trash. Well, but arent's there billions of songs, so no wonder I didn't hear it? There are, but most of them are no-voice victims of industrial audioproduction abortion.

I used to be a hardcore Metal listener, I still do occasionally, but very few songs. Psytrance and Goa capturead my attention now, as it is technically, aurally and mentally superior and complex music. I don't listen to whatever is labelled "Goa". I listened weeks of audio until I found bands that produce un-boring stuff.

If you want variety and something new, connect to the DRC stream and enjoy the Psychedelic Trance.

Last edited by |DRC| Wartex on 0:56, Tuesday Feb 13 2007; edited 1 time in total
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Friday, September 16 2005, 07:27:54 #28849     

DRC radio stream is down. And dont forget about DnB for wicked basslines. Progressive trance is very good too. It has many of the same qualities as what you describe but isnt quite so ravey eg the WaaaaaAHHHHHaaaawwww thing. Laughing

http://di.fm has gread DnB, Goa/psy and progressive streams. Theyre the paramount electronica streamers. if you havent done so in teh past 5+ yrs, check em out!
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|DRC| Wartex

Friday, September 16 2005, 18:02:43 #28854     

I'm beyond di.fm, actually. I had a banner on the old forum when they just started growing. They play second-hand wannabee DJs at most. You need to download a gig of data to hear one decent song.
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Monday, September 19 2005, 22:46:20 #28905     

i think youre a musical elitist. so i hope all the bands you like become ultra popular and trendy. Nope

oh yah di.fm plays schpongle on more than one station GOA/psy and i hear songs on progressive too
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|DRC| Wartex

Tuesday, September 20 2005, 21:31:32 #28920     

|DRC| Elusive wrote:
i think youre a musical elitist. Nope

Maybe. I'm just looking at music from a techno-biological standpoint. I like music where people are not afraid to experiment with sound, unlike stone-age old "guitars+drums+random instrument+shitty vocals" or samples that are shared by millions of composers, without even bothering of putting any effects on them, or songs that you need to listen to 20 times to understand what the fuck they are singing about, because the singer got dick for a tongue and a colon for a throat and songwriter is a cryptography freak.
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Thursday, December 29 2005, 23:54:19 #31827     

psytrance and ambient have always been pretty good to me. I tend to enjoy the whole illusionist sounding synths over slow echoing environments. I produced a psytrance clip not too long ago I could upload it and put the link up if anyone's interested. You should listen to some old sasha songs, not the commercial newer ones. Get Rabbitweed by Sasha if you can, you will enjoy it. Pleiadians is also a very dreamy band if you're into psy so I guess I'd recommend the song "Alcyone" by them. Uhm, also try getting Vordhosbn by Aphex Twin, It's a very awesome synth + strings song, I'm not sure how to categorize that one but I think it's pretty rad. Anywho, If you like those songs, which I really hope you do, let me know, maybe we can exchange some stuff.
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