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Saturday, June 6 2009, 08:01:11 #42086     Windows 7

Has anyone tried out Windows 7 RC yet? From the little I've read, it performs much better than vista. Some people are even putting it on netbooks to test it out. I have an acer netbook with xp and might do the same.

The coolest thing to me though is that it looks like microsoft has finally fixed up the toolbar. quicklaunch and how you can customize the toolbar in xp/vista is absolute shit to me. I'm even using some shitty aftermarket toolbar to launch my apps as we speak. Rolling eyes
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|DRC| Blackshark

Saturday, June 6 2009, 09:27:06 #42087     

i even have installed it on my main machine. vista had some serious problems with my SSD drive and i decided to switch to win7. sofar it hasn't let me down. its more stable than vista with sp1. alot faster with my hardware. SSD support and performance has improved alot. no problems with x64 drivers whatsoever. when you don't find ones for win7 install vista x64 driver and it will run. but still nvidia and ati/amd already release certified drivers for their gpu's. whats cool is that from a web developers perspective it ships with internet explorer 8 so hopefully ie6 and ie7 will die soner. they redesigned the task bar but its kind of difficult to decribe. i recomend even when you don't want to install it as your primary os (btw i did an update from vista ultimate x64 to win7 ultimate x64 and it took me about 5 hours but after that everything was running as it was before except i ahd to install a new version of skype and daemon tools stoped working because of their virtual hd-dvd drivers) install it in a virtual machine http://www.virtualbox.org its free and you can play with the os before you change your system.
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|DRC| Zyprexa

Saturday, June 6 2009, 09:53:04 #42088     

That's exactly what I did (install it in a VM using virtualbox). Haven't really had a look at it though, but it does perform nicely :-)
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