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Would like to be considered for recruitment please

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Saturday, October 30 2010, 15:04:51 #43154     Would like to be considered for recruitment please

I'm actually IU1.2beta Ender (DbR Friar/ender, 4.2>Eth3r X, cR: Ender, etc...), although I've played other mods with some of the DRC members back in the day...it's been so long. I've been touching up lately on Quakelive and I'm rusty but I'm here looking for some active people as well as a community...mainly me not getting out of the house much. But I already subscribed to the usergroup this is more of a formal greeting so you guys know I'm around =) I'll make sure to post in registry if I become part of it.

pros about me
Have a good work ethic - ( potential to become real good within a months time)
I will contribute as much as I can.
Dedicated and trustworthy

It's been like 5 years.
You guys probably wont remember me lol
I don't have a landline.
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|DRC| Serge

Saturday, October 30 2010, 17:05:52 #43155     

stick around and I'll ask others what they think.
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|DRC| Wartex

Saturday, October 30 2010, 17:07:22 #43156     

add me on skype - "drc-wartex"

if you don't have it, get it on http://skype.com

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|DRC| Strawberry

Saturday, October 30 2010, 19:00:39 #43160     

welcome 3nder.. Smile
You play other games?
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Saturday, October 30 2010, 19:14:39 #43161     

after iu1.2beta died I played some xbattle which I really like but majorly went into world of warcraft with some friends. The more I've played the more I realize no matter how good you are it sucks without friends or even people that know you. So I've played some moderwarfare 2 also on xbox live ( I also have red dead redemption, and L4D2) I like RPGs alot as well but lately I've been on quakelive playing some instagibs lol. trying to maintain 40% + accuracy but I'm always open to new games
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|DRC| Noakes

Tuesday, November 9 2010, 18:56:48 #43177     

You can add me on skype also "drc-noakes"
Shoot ya soon.. Smile
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|DRC| Messiah

Tuesday, November 16 2010, 13:01:15 #43205     

I remember you from DBR. I think you may have even played against my old clan DoD at some point.

So why do you want to come to DRC?

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