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X-Battle console cvars

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|DRC| Wartex

Wednesday, November 11 2009, 23:23:04 #42694     X-Battle console cvars

*** X-Battle (BattleMod) v0.50a7 Client ReadMe

*** DATE          : 14-August-2005
*** MOD URL       : http://www.xbattle.de
*** CONTACT EMAIL : champi@xbattle.de

This document uses parts of the OSP documentation by Rhea.

This readme explains the enhanced client-side support and options
under BattleMod. This is not a complete overview of the baseq3 commands!

NOTE: Connect/graphics problems:
Try setting com_hunkmegs to 56 or 64 in your q3config.cfg (look for
its current setting already in the .cfg file), autoexec.cfg or what-
ever client config you exec on client launch. You can even specify
this on the command-line with: +set com_hunkmegs 56.

NOTE: Setting restrictions:
The following settings are enforced for internet play:

   r_lodcurveerror must be set to 250
   r_nocurves must be set to 0
   r_subdivisions must be lower or equal than 80
   r_shownormals must be set to 0
   r_showtris must be set to 0
   r_znear must be set to 4

   upper bound of cg_fov clamped to 140
   upper bound of cg_zoomFov clamped to 140
   cg_shadows must be 0 or 1

   com_maxfps must be between 30 and 125 (not bound for listen server)
   ---> Can be disabled with a 'callvote capfps 0'

If you have settings that violate any of these rules, X-Battle will reset the
faulty variable to an acceptable setting and issue a vid_restart.  A side-
effect of this will mean that maps may appear to load more than once
upon connecting to a server.

Helpful Client Settings:
Clients should set:

   set cg_predictItems 0

   To avoid some sometimes arbitrary item actions and pickup sounds
   that can occur during a match warmup period.

Naming conventions:
cg_* - General client-side options.
ch_* - Stuff related to client HUD settings.
cf_* - Stuff for client font (size) settings.
ct_* - Stuff for client trigger (teammessages) settings.

Message Control characters:
The following control characters describe additional features that can
be utilized for such things as the team chat console, names in the
X-Battle HUD and MOTD messages.

^B and ^b - make text blink
^F     - makes the text display only at the first half of a second
^f     - makes the text display only at the last half of a second
^N and ^n - resets control stuff like ^B, ^b, ^F and ^f
       but doesnt reset a background-color setted with ^X
^r     - resets a userdefined shadow-color
^Xrrggbb  - allows the user to define the color using the rgb values (hex).
            e.g. ^XFF0000 is red, ^X777777 grey

            advanced usage of the ^X token allows to set a shadow-color
            by using ^X before set another color.
            e.g. : ^x3333ff^0BattleMod <- will display the string 'BattleMod'
            in black with a medium blue shadowcolor.
            and finally the next step of professional usage of the ^X token :
            1. set the shadow-color with ^Xrrggbb
            2. set string foreground-color with another ^X
            !!! EXCEPT THE ^X TOKEN. IT TAKES 8 CHARS !!!

Client font Settings (requires cg_enableBattleHUD set to 1):
Note: Fonts are set by specifying the width and height of characters
as they should appear.  Take for example: set cf_Statusbar "24x48".
This will make each character or icon in the statusbar 24 pixels
wide and 48 pixels tall.  If the value can't be parsed, it the client
defaults to a 16x16 font.

cf_AttractFlagCarrier <XxY> (default = 8x18)
   Flagcarrier line in the teamoverlay

cf_CrosshairNames <XxY> (default = 16x16)
   Crosshairnames font size.

cf_FCName <XxY> (default = 16x16)
   Font size for the Flagcarriername String.

cf_Following <XxY> (default = 12x12)
   "Following" message font size.

cf_Fragmsg <XxY> (default = 16x16)
   Font size of the "you fragged" messages on top of your HUD.

cf_Pickupstring <XxY> (default = 16x16)
   Font size for the pickup string.

cf_Scores <XxY> (default = 32x32)
   Font size of the scorebox on the lower right of the HUD.

cf_Statusbar <XxY> (default = 32x32)
   Scales the status bar if ch_statusbarFormat is 1.

cf_Teamchat <XxY> (default = 8x12)
   Font size for the team chat.

cf_TeamCrosshairHealth <XxY> (default = 12x12)
   Font size of crosshairhealth information.

cf_Teamoverlay <XxY> (default = 8x12)
   Font size for the team overlay.

cf_Vote <XxY> (default = 12x12)
   Vote message font size.

cf_WeaponName <XxY> (default = 12x12)
   Font size of the weaponname if ch_weaponswitch is 1.

cf_WeaponSwitch <XxY> (default = 32x32)
   Font size of the weaponswitch icons

General Game Options:
General in-game client-side options to tweak fall under the cg_* category.
For most of the HUD (heads-up-display) options, see the ch_* and cf_*
options, listed in the next sections.

cg_altGrenades <0|1> (default = 0 - baseq3 grenade skin)
   Utilizes an alternate (prettier) skin/model for the grenades
   from the grenade launcher.

cg_altLightning <0|1> (default = 0 )
   Use an alternate skin for the lightning gun
   0 - new PR 1.29 / promode skin
   1 - old shaft skin
   2 - cpma shaft skin

cg_altPlasma <0|1> (default = 0 - baseq3 plasma skin)
   Utilizes an alternate (prettier) skin for the plasma bolts
   of the plasma gun.

cg_ammoCheck <0|1> (default = 0 - disabled)
      Disables the ability to switch to a weapon that doesn't
      have any ammo.  Useful for multiple-weapon binds.

cg_atmosphericEffects <0|1> (default = 0)
   FreezeTag Gameplay ONLY!
   0 - disable the atmospheric effects like rain and snow in the map.<br>
   1 - enable the atmospheric effects like rain and snow in the map.<br>

cg_autoAction <bitmask> (default = 0)
   Automatically performs actions at certain points in the game.

    1 - reserved
    2 - Automatically takes an end-level screenshot
    4 - Automatically records a match (requires a full warmup server - g_warmup = 0)
    8 - reserved
   16 - reserved

cg_BattleScoreboard <0|1|2> (default = 0)
   0 - default id scoreboard
   1 - BattleScoreboard - based on the Q3comp Scoreboard (TDM, CTF and CA only).
   2 - same as 1 but without dropshadow effect under the names.

cg_cmdTimeNudge <n> (default = 0)
   Set this to the number of milliseconds you would like the server to "nudge" the time of your instant-hit attacks.
   For example, if you feel that the server overcompensates for your ping, you might try setting it to 25.
   That will effectively add 25ms of lag. ( g_delagHitScan must be enabled! )

cg_crosshairPulse <0|1> (default = 1)
   0 - disable crosshair pulse when picking up items
   1 - enable crosshair pulse when picking up items

cg_damageDraw <0|1> (default = 1)
   Command to allow/disallow the bloodview effect on the HUD when the player get hit
   0 - no bloodview effect
   1 - draw bloodview effect

cg_deadBodyDarken <0|1> (default = 0)
    Darkens players as soon as they become corpses.
    NOTE: This command only works when on pm skins and when cg_deadbodyfilter is set to 0 !!!

cg_deadbodyfilter <0|1> (default = 0)
   0 - display dead bodies
   1 - no display of dead bodies

cg_delag <bitmask> (default = 1)
   Enables the lag compensation if server g_delagHitScan is 1
    0 - no lag compensation
    1 - enable lag compensation for *ALL* instant hit weapons ( machine gun, shotgun, lightning gun, railgun )
    2 - enable lag compensation for machine  gun
    4 - enable lag compensation for shotgun
    8 - enable lag compensation for lightning gun
   16 - enable lag compensation for rail gun

cg_drawCrosshairNames <0|1|2> (default = 1 - show all players)
   0 - No drawing of player names when pointing at them.
   1 - Display the name of any player who is in the crosshair.
   2 - Display only teammate names.

cg_drawDecals <0|1|2> (default = 1)
   Allows to set the status of the in-game decals that are used in some maps.
   currently only in q3ctf1, q3ctf2, q3wctf2, q3wcp1, q3wcp9, (pro)-q3dm6
   0 - disable drawing of decals.
   1 - draw decals.
   2 - decals edit mode ( development-tool show coords of the decals. you must be spectator )

cg_drawPing <0|1> (default = 1)
   0 - disables drawing of player ping.
   1 - enables drawing of player ping in the lower right edge.
cg_drawTimer <0|1|2> ( default = 1 - standard id timer )
   Allows you to draw the remaining playtime instead of drawing
   the elapsed playtime.
   0 - no timer will be drawn
   1 - standard id timer mode
   2 - draw remaining playtime like ( -14:42 )

cg_enableBattleHUD <0|1> (default = 1)
   0 - use default id scoreboard
   1 - enable the usage of the Battle-based HUD.
            see : ch_StatusbarFormat, ch_Weaponswitch, cf_* ( all commands ) etc.

cg_enemyColors <RHSL> (default = 0000 (White))
      Specifies the various color options for your enemies, if using
      the "pm" skins for the default Q3 models:
          R = rail color
          H = head/helmet color
          S = shirt color
          L = legs color

----> Note: Values of the "char" for each of the "RHSL" parameters can be
      from 0-9, a-z.

cg_enemyModel <modelname> (default = "" - disabled)
   Setting this will force all players on the enemy team to
   appear to have this model. Your teammates will retain their
   models unless you specify cg_forceModel 1, which will force
   all of your teammates to your current model.

cg_execCfg <string> (default = "")
   Specifies a cfg to execute after a vid_restart or map_restart. BattleMod performs
   "exec <filename>" of the value of this variable. Helpful to be sure that your
   config is loaded.

cg_execVstr <string> (default = "")
   Specifies a string to exec after connecting to a server. BattleMod performs
   "vstr <string>" on the value of this variable. Helpful for +zoom or
   thin-shaft scripts, as an example.

cg_followpowerup <0|1> (default = 0 - disabled)
   Allows client to auto-follow powerup pickup if spectating.
   Flag carriers have highest precidence in the follow_powerup
   settings. Once you are on a flag carrier, you will not switch
   automatically unless they are killed or cap the flag.
   Also, if the current powerup player is killed, you will switch
   to another powerup carrier, if one exists (rather than staying
   on the same player, or switching to the killer).

cg_forceColors <0|1> (default = 0 - disabled)
   Forces all teammates to use your color1 settings, if using "pm" skins
   and cg_forceModel is set to 1.

cg_lagometer <0|1|2> (default = 1 - lower right)
      Draws the "lag" a player feels (network and rendering) in real time.
          0 - Disabled
          1 - Show in lower right portion of the screen
          2 - Show in upper right portion of the screen

cg_lightningImpact <0|1> (default = 1)
   Enables to toggle the draw of the impact point at the end of the lightning gun.
   0 - dont draw impact point
   1 - draw impact point

cg_lowEffects <0|1> (default = 0)
   FreezeTag Gameplay ONLY!
   enables the reducing of used particles for the atmospheric effect in the map.
   useful for slower machines.
   0 - disabled
   1 - reduce particle and safe cpupower :)

cg_MaxlocationWidth <length> (default = 16)
   Sets maximum locationlength for teamoverlay and teamchat.

cg_muzzleFlash <0|1> (default = 1)
   Specifies if there is a muzzle flash when cg_drawGun is enabled.

cg_newCTFShader <bitmask> (default = 0)
   Allows the use of the new ctf shaders.

   NOTE : this command only works if the server control cvar 'server_customclient'
          allows the usage of these shaders.

   0 - Disabled
   1 - new ctfflag shader ( full lightning mode nomip ctfflag + glowing skulls + wings )
   2 - soon :)

cg_nochatbeep <0|1|2|3> (default = 0 - normal chat beeps enabled)
   Allows client to supress "beeps" heard during normal chat
   and/or teamchat messages.
   0 - Disabled
   1 - no chat beep for public chats
   2 - no chat beep for say_team chats
   3 - disable complete chat beep

cg_nomip <bitmask> (default = 0 - all gfx follow r_picmip)
   Allows changing graphics to picmip 1 setting, regardless of
   current r_picmip setting. The parameter for this setting
   is a bitmask:
   no mip gfx bits
          1 - LightningGun shaft
          2 - PlasmaGun bolt
          4 - Rocket Launcher explosions
          8 - Grenade Launcher explosions
         16 - Bullets (machinegun and shotgun)
         32 - Railgun
         64 - BFG
        128 - Blood marks (if you or the player you spectate hit someone)
        256 - Smooke ( haste, jumppad + shotgun smooke effect )
        512 - Water Bubble effects & rail bubbles ( newrail & q2railmode )
       1024 - Playershadow ( cg_shadow 1 )
       2048 - Blood on view ( if you or the player you spectate hitted )

cg_noTaunt <0|1> ( default = 0 - allow taunts )
   disable all model taunts, not just voicechat ones

cg_oldCTFSounds <0|1> (default = 0 - use newer CTF sounds)
   Allows the use of "old" CTF sounds in CTF gametype that were
   used prior to the 1.27 patch. Changes are used after the next

cg_oldPlasma <0|1> (default = 1)
   Alternates between old-style q3 plasmagun and the new plasma graphic
   with sparkles.

cg_oldRail <0|1> (default = 1)
   Alternates between old-style q3 rail and the new rail with the Q2 swirl.
   0 - use the new railtrail from PR 1.27 and above.
   1 - use the old railtrail before PR 1.27. here you can use color2 for the railrings.
   2 - use the nice Q2 railtrail effect

cg_pmove_fixed <0|1|2> (default = 1)
   Previously, every player was forced to accept the server's pmove_fixed setting.
   Now a player may set cg_pmove_fixed to "0" to override that. Note that to use pmove_fixed it still must be
   enabled on the server.
   0 - disable pmove_fixed
   1 - enable pmove_fixed ( id default )
   2 - enable pmove_accurate

   pmove_accurate :
   This is an alternative to pmove_fixed. pmove_fixed has issues - namely occasional frames going by without a
   player state change (which can make the game stutter a bit), and some slight (very slight) aiming issues.
   pmove_accurate addresses framerate-dependent behavior by eliminating rounding error rather than forcing
   all movement into frames of constant duration - which does not create the same problems as pmove_fixed does.
   It also takes a little less processing time to advance a player than pmove_fixed does, both on the client
   and on the server.
   cg_pmove_fixed feels almost exactly like pmove_fixed 1, pmove_msec 8. You should probably only disable it
   if you have serious incoming bandwidth issues (cg_pmove_accurate takes up to about 50 bytes/sec of bandwidth),
   or if the very slight difference between it and pmove_fixed (or normal, framerate-dependent movement) bothers you.

cg_projectileNudge <n> (default = 0)
   If you choose to use this feature, set this variable to your average ping on the server you're currently on.
   That will advance the projectiles to the position they'll be in by the time your movement reaches the server,
   making them easier to dodge.
   Of course, as with every other lag compensation technique, it comes with a small price: visual consistency.
   Other players' projectiles will seem to be faster - though this isn't really a problem, since it'll reflect
   your actual window of useful action.  The projectiles will also seem to stick in parts of the map before
   they explode.
   If you can deal with that, go for it: set it to your ping.

cg_showPlayerLean <0|1> (default = 1 - Show model leaning)
   Allows the disabling of viewed model leaning that was introduced with 1.27 patch.

cg_teamRails <0|1> (default = 0 - rail colors defined by players)
   Forces railtrail colors to coincide with the color of the
   team of the firing players.  Works only for team-based

   0 - Rail trail colors defined by individual player settings.
   1 - Rail trails will match the color of the team of the firing
       player (i.e. a player on the red team will ALWAYS have
       a red rail trail).
   2 - Use rail color as specified in the R parameter of color1
       for teammates, and the R parameter of cg_enemyColors for
       players of the enemy team.

cg_truelightning <0.0 - 1.0> (default = 0.0)
   Specifies the "lag" imposed on the rendering of the lightning
      gun shaft.  A value of 0.0 is just like the baseq3 version "feel"
      of the lg.  A value of 1.0 imposes no lag at all (shaft is always
      rendered on the crosshairs).  A value of 0.5 is a good mix of the
      two to reduce the wet-noodle effect, while still maintaining
      consistency of where the server actually sees the shaft.
      INFO : if the server has g_delagHitscan enabled and the client
             has cg_delag 1 or the bit for the lightning gun set,
             cg_truelightning is always 1 in fact of the delag netcode.
             ( the netcode tries to calculate ping 0, so the lightning gun is
             exactly on the crosshair without any delay )
             if you want to re-enable cg_truelightning be sure you not
             set the delag bit for the lightning gun in cg_delag.
             see cg_delag for details.

cg_truePing <0|1> ( default = 0 - standard id ping calculation )
   Set this to "1" if you'd like to see software latencies reflected in everyone's
   ping times. The kind of information you get from "true pings" is much more useful
   in tweaking your connection and in helping you know how far forward to lead your shots.
        0 - Display the standard id ping in the scoreboard.
        1 - Use the enhanced true ping calculation in the scoreboard.

cg_useScreenShotJPEG <0|1> (default = 0 - use .tga for screenshots)
   Allows use of .jpg for screenshots taken with autoscreenshot or
   autoaction settings.
        0 - Use the standard .tga screenshot format
        1 - Use the .jpg screenshot format ( much smaller filesize, but lost quality )

*** Note: Values of the "char" for color1/color2 can be from 0-9, a-z and currently they're case-insensitive.

color1 <RHSL> (default = 0000 (White))
   Specifies the various color options for yourself (and teammates),
   if using a "pm" skin for a default Q3 model:
      R = rail-core color (this is for all models/skins)
      H = head/helmet color
      S = shirt color
      L = legs color

color2 <char> (default = 0)
      Specifies the rail disc/swirl color.

*** Note: Values of the "char" for color1/color2 can be from 0-9, a-z and currently they're case-insensitive.

s_ambient <0|1> (default = 1)
   0 - Disables looping ambient sounds of the current map.
   1 - Enables looping ambient sounds of the current map.

Client HUD Settings (requires cg_enableBatteHUD set to 1 or 2):
ch_3waveFont <0|1> (default = 0 - baseq3 font enabled)
   Toggles the use of the 3Wave font for all client game graphics
   (e.g. scoreboard, teamoverlay, etc.)

ch_AttractFlagCarrier <0|1|2|3> ( default 0 ) ( ctf gametype only! )
   Flagcarrier can be drawn bigger in teamoverlay.
   set the fontsize with cf_AttractFlagCarrier
   ( e.g. cf_AttractFlagCarrier "8x18" )
   0 - disable this feature
   1 - enable this feature
   2 - same as 1 but a cutline is drawn above and under the flagcarrier
   3 - same as 2 but the values of cf_AttractFlagCarrier will be used for
       the x and y-size for the font.

ch_ColorLocations <0|1> (default = 1)
        Changes color of locations in teamoverlay to be red or blue if
   the text "Red" or "Blue" is found in the location.

ch_CrosshairColor <string> (default = White)
      usage: ch_crosshaircolor 0xRRGGBB|<color>
             <color>: white, black, red, green, blue, yellow, magenta,
                      cyan, and grey.
      For RGB values, ch_crosshaircolor 0xFF3377 will yield some nice
      weird color, as an example. Important note: cg_crosshairHealth
      overrides this function, turn it off to use colored crosshair.

ch_drawDateTime <string> ( default = "" )
   Allows to display the current clienttime in the upper right HUD.
   You can define your own displaystring.
   example : ch_drawDateTime "^3My Time: %I:%M%pM"
   %a Abbreviated weekday name
   %A Full weekday name
   %b Abbreviated month name
   %B Full month name
   %d Day of month as decimal number (01 - 31)
   %H Hour in 24-hour format (00 - 23)
   %I Hour in 12-hour format (01 - 12)
   %j Day of year as decimal number (001 - 366)
   %m Month as decimal number (01 - 12)
   %M Minute as decimal number (00 - 59)
   %p Current locale’s A.M./P.M. indicator for 12-hour clock
   %S Second as decimal number (00 - 59)
   %U Week of year as decimal number, with Sunday as first day of week (00 - 53)
   %w Weekday as decimal number (0 - 6; Sunday is 0)
   %W Week of year as decimal number, with Monday as first day of week (00 - 53)
   %y Year without century, as decimal number (00 - 99)
   %Y Year with century, as decimal number
   %% Percent sign
ch_drawSpeed <0-5> (default = 0)
   0 - Player's current speed is not shown
   1 - Player's current speed in ups ( units per second ) is shown in upper right, below time/fps printes as integer
   2 - reserved
   3 - Player's current speed in mph ( miles per hour ) printed as integer
   4 - Player's current speed in kph ( kilometers per hour ) printed as integer
   5 - Player's current speed in ups ( units per second ) printed as float

ch_drawFlagNames <0-2> (default = 1)
   enables to printing of the flagcarrier name ( ctf gametype only! )
   0 - default id display of flagstatus
   1 - print the name of the enemy flagcarrier ( but no flagstatus )
   2 - print the name of the enemy flagcarrier and draw the flagstatus

ch_graphs <0|1> (default = 1)
   enables the drawing of the graphs for some statusbarformat styles.
   0 - disable drawing of the graphs
   1 - enable drawing of the graphs

ch_HealthColors <0|1> (default = 0)
   enables to change to healthcolors of the statusbar digits.
   0 - default id colors
   1 - draw health > 100 as green and health < 25 as red, else white

ch_InverseTeamChat <0|1> (default = 0)
   Inverses teamchatwindow.  If enabled, msgs arrived first will be drawn
   on top.

ch_Obituaries <0|1> (default = 1)
   Prints player obituraries messages in the console.

ch_Pickupitem <0|1> (default = 1)
   Draws the icon and string of items when they are picked up.

ch_Ranking <bitmask> (default = 3)
   display your current rank/spread in the lower right area. ( ffa and duel only! )
   0 - disabled
   1 - displays ranking
   2 - displays spread

ch_selfOnTeamOverlay <0|1> (default = 1)
   Allow/Disallow the removing of your name, health, weaponinfo, etc from the teamoverlay.
   ( teamgames only ! )
   0 - removes your line from the teamoverlay
   1 - dont removes anything

ch_showDamage <0|1> (default = 1 - only during warmupmode! )
   Enables the displaying of hitpoints during the warmupmode. This could be usefull for training splashdamage
   or learn how many damage each weapon makes.
   0 - no displaying of damagepoints
   1 - enable displaying of damagepoints - style 1

ch_SkinScores <0|1> (default = 0)
   colors the background of the scoreboxes with the body + legs color
   if you're using cg_enemycolors and/or color1.
   0 - disable. use default red/blue scoreboxes
   1 - enable colorize of scoreboxes
ch_StatusbarFormat <0|1> (default = 1)
         0 - will use the default id statusbar format
         1 - will use the X-Battle default in which only ammo, weapon icon, health,
        flag (for ctf) and armor are drawn.  Use cf_statusbar to scale
        the statusbar font size.
         2 - same as 1, but displays weapon ammo graph on the left bottom.
         3 - same as 1, but in addition displays weapon ammo as numbers.
         4 - CPM style 0 hud (like vq3)
         5 - CPM health/armor bars
         6 - CPM style 3
         7 - CPM style 4
         8 - CPM style 5
         9 - Q3Comp style 1
      10 - Q3Comp style 2
        11 - Q3Comp style 3
        12 - Q3Comp style 4

ch_stripClantags <0|1|2|3> (default = 0)
   Similar chars at begin or end of playernames are stripped out of the teamoverlay with:
    1 - from start
    2 - from end
    3 - both

ch_TeamBackground <0|1> (default = 0)
   Disables teambackground color in statusbar + teamchat.

ch_TeamchatOnly <0|1> (default = 0)
   If enabled, only draws teamchat on the bottom left side of the HUD.
   It will suppress team chats showing up in the normal upper left chat

ch_TeamCrosshairHealth <0|1> (default = 1)
   If enabled, draws health and armor of players in the same team under
   the crosshairname.

ch_Teamoverlay <string> (default = "p12n h/aw l")
   Specifies what items should be displayed in the teamoverlay.  This
   is highly customizable:
   p - powerup icons, aligns left
   12n - width of, and the player name itself (name is always required)
   h - player health
   a - player armor
   w - weapon icon
   l - player location

   All other items that cannot be parsed will be inserted between the
   player fields (e.g. ' ' and '/' or '<').

ch_TimeoutAnim <0|1> (default = 1)
   Enables/Disables the timeoutanimation during a time-out.

ch_TimeoutSINa <n> (default = 60)
   Here you can change the animation of the timeout. increase or decrease the value to change it.
   valid range = -360 to 360

ch_TimeoutSINb <n> (default = 60)
   Here you can change the animation of the timeout. increase or decrease the value to change it.
   valid range = -360 to 360

ch_unknownLocation <string> (default = "unknown")
   Sets "unknown" locationtext for a unknown location in the map.

ch_WarmupInfoHide <bitmask>  (default = 0)
   allows to remove same warmup info strings during the warmup like teamnames, countdown time.

   0 - removes nothing
   1 - removes the teamnames string
   2 - removes the countdown time
   4 - removes the X-Battle Gamesettings Info field

   example : a value of 3 removes the teamnames AND the countdown time.
ch_Weaponswitch <0-9> (default = 2)

   Specifies the weaponswitch style used in the HUD.

   0 - old fashioned id style, horizontal on top of teamchat
   1 - same as 0, though permanent
   2 - vertical, drawn on right side of HUD
   3 - same as 2, though permanent
   4 - vertical, drawn on left side of HUD
   5 - same as 4, though permanent _and_ displays ammo of each weapon next to it.
       you can use the cf_WeaponName cvar here to scale the ammo number size.
        6 - CPM left style
        7 - CPM right style
        8 - CPM bottom style
   9 - draws no weapon switch (if you don't need it or you're using
       statusbarformat 2 or 3)

Some words to cl_timeNudge:

cl_timeNudge <n> (default 0)

In really technical terms, the client engine uses this setting to determine when to release snapshots to the client game.
If you set it negative, it releases them early.  If you set it positive, it releases them late.
In other words, negative values reduce lag, and positive values add lag.  There's a down side to reducing lag,
though: prediction error.  The client has less to work with, so it has to guess about a few things.
It's usually pretty close to reality when it does guess.  Another down side is that, if you're opting out of full lag
compensation (cg_delag 0), the rail trail can look completely off.

The big change in Unlagged is that, if you set cl_timeNudge to a negative number, other players will still look like they're
moving smoothly.  (In vanilla Quake 3 and every other mod for it that I know of, they look jerky - like they're moving at
20 FPS while everything around them is moving your client's framerate.)  A slightly smaller change is that the value is
clamped between -50 and 50.  Anything outside that range has always been meaningless.

Client Trigger System (requires ct_enableTrigger set to 1):

ct_enableTrigger <bitmask> (default = 0)
   Enables/Disables the using of trigger messages to your teammates
   0 - disable trigger messages
   1 - enable TOOK trigger messages ( like the pickups of weapons, armor etc )
   2 - enable DEATH trigger messages
   4 - enable RESPAWN trigger messages
   example :
   ct_enableTrigger 5 - enable TOOK and RESPAWN trigger
   ct_enableTrigger 7 - enable all trigger.

ct_Death <string> (default = "<- ^7[^1DIED^7] - ^1POSITION LOST")
   This string will be send to your teammates after you
   died. To disable this feature set it to "".

ct_Respawn <string> (default = "<- ^7[^1RESPAWN^7]")
   This string will be send to your teammates after you
   respawn in the map. To disable this feature set it to "".

ct_Took <string> (default = "Took #i")
   This string will be send to your teammates after you
   took an item. #i will be replaced with the item-name you took.
   To disable this feature set it to "".

User-Interface commands

ui_3wavefont <0|1> (default 0)
   enables the usage of using the 3wave font in the user-interface.

ui_console <0|1|2> (default 1)
   0 - standard console background
   1 - black background with X logo on the lower right side
   2 = black background and stratched X logo over the whole consolescreen.

Available chat tokens

#A - Armor
   Current armor value
   /say_team "Armorstatus #A"

#a - Armor
   same as #A, but display is color coded, depending on the level of the value
   /say_team "Armorstatus #a"

#C - Corpse
   The location where you last died
   /say_team "Overrun at #C"

#D - Damaged by
   The last player to score a hit on you
   /say_team "#D is here and he's heavily armed!"

#F - nearest Friend
   Reports closest teammate in team-based gametypes.

#H - Health
   Current health value (lower-case "h" will print the value
   with color coding, depending on the level of the value)
   /say_team "Hurting bad - #H/#A"

#h - Health
   same as #H, but display is color coded, depending on the level of the value
   /say_team "Ready - #h:#a"

#I - Item (nearest available)
   Shows the nearest "significant" (weapon, armor, powerup, or MH)
   available item, and that includes dropped items.  Note, you must
   be able to *see* the center of the item (not just an edge). This
   requires you to be facing in the general direction of the object.
   /say_team "#I available here"

#L - Location
   Current Location string ( same as in teamoverlay )

#P - last item Picked up
   Reports last item picked up.  Useful for reporting when you pick
   up an important item (i.e. quad).

#T - Target
   The last player you hit
   /say_team "#T is weak - finish him!"

#U - powerUps
   Lists all powerups you currently possess

Client Direct Commands:

accuracy [id|name]   - displays your weapon accuracy. if you enter a name or player-id you can watch the accuracy of other players

acommand         - displays a commandlist for admins

admin <password>   - allows to log you in as admin. if the password is wrong it will be logged
               to the serverlog with date, nick and ip to control hacking attempts.

autorecord         - starts demorecording with autogenrated filename

bottomshots         - Displays the WORST player accuracies for all weapons
                  who have fired a minimum of shots for a weapon.
                  If followed with a weapon abbreviation, the command
                  will show all qualifying player accuracies for that
                  particular weapon (MG, SG, GL, RL, LG, RG, PG, BFG).

ccommand         - displays a commandlist for teamcaptains ( only for team based gametypes )

chasecam <id>      - same as follow

clearaccu         - clears your accuracy stats ( only allowed in warmup mode )

currenttime         - displays the current server system time

coach            - Switches to "coach" specator mode (after being invited to the team),
                  or reinitializes coach's multi-player view of the coached team.
                  Coaches can teamchat, issue timeouts, teamready, etc.
                  with or for the team just as if they were a playing member of the
                  team, but they can only spectate the coached team.
                  ( only for team based gametypes )

drop <item>         - allows you to drop weapons or ammo if the dropmde is allowed.
                  possible itemnames are : rl, rg, pg, sg, gl, lg, bfg for weapons and
                  rockets, slugs, cells, shells, grenades, lgammo, bfgammo and bullets for munition
                  you can use 'ALL' to drop 1 item from all you have. In CTF you can drop the flag also.
followpowerup      - toggles the auto-following of powerups for a spectator. This command is only useful for
                 a GTV-Cameraman. Normal clients use cg_followpowerup!
help            - displays a little commandlist

items            - displays the current on/off status for items and powerups

maplist            - displays the list of maps for the current gametype.

motd            - displays the Message-of-the-Day on the client-HUD.

players            - lists infos about all connectet players

ready            - sets your status to 'READY'

scores            - displays score information

settings         - displays the server settings

showips            - displays all client ips of this command is allowed via vote

speconly         - Toggles client's involvement in the 1v1 queue.
                  If enabled, then clients will never join a 1v1
                  game. They will remain spectators the entire
                  time they are connected. Disabling "speconly"
                  will put the client back to the end of the queue
                  to begin playing again.

stats [id|name]      - same as accuracy

streaks            - shows your top Hits-In-A-Row stats.

talk <n|name>      - talks private to someone.

topshots         - Displays the BEST player accuracies for all weapons
                  who have fired a minimum of shots for a weapon.
                  If followed with a weapon abbreviation, the command
                  will show all qualifying player accuracies for that
                  particular weapon (MG, SG, GL, RL, LG, RG, PG, BFG).

unready            - sets your status to 'UNREADY' to start the match.

+wstats            - Dispalys current stats while playing or of the
                  player being followed (if a spectator). In
                  multiview, the stats of the player of the
                  highlighted window will be displayed.

+settings         - Displays the X-Battle Gamesettings on the client-HUD.<br>

Client teamcaptain commands:

allcaptain         - set teamcaptain status for all teammates
coachdecline      - removes your coachstatus
coachinvite <id>   - invite a spectator to coach your team
coachkick <id>      - removes a coach from your team
kickplayer <id|name>- kick a player out of your team
lock            - lock your team
unlock            - unlock your team
pick <id|name>      - pick a spectator to your team
speclock         - locks your team from specators
specunlock         - unlocks your team from specators
teamready         - set your complete team to READY
teamunready         - set your complete team to UNREADY
teamname <name>      - set your teamname
timein/unpause      - aborts a timeout
timeout/pause      - calls a timeout

Admin direct commands:

akick <id|name>      - kick a player from the server!
boot <id|name>      - boots a player to spectator mode
bootall            - boot ALL players to spectator mode
cl <n>            - set capturelimit in captures
changemap <name>   - change the map
details            - display all clients with id, name, ip, rate, model
ff <0|1>         - set friendlyfire on/off
fl <n>            - set fraglimit in frags
fr <n>            - set the respawntime in seconds
lgdamage <n>      - set lightning gun damage
lockteam         - lock the teams
ms <0|1>         - set mutespecs on/off
putteam <id|name> <b|r>   - put a spectator to the selected team
readyall         - start the countdown
tl <n>            - set timelimit in minutes
unadmin            - remove your admin status
unlockteam         - unlock the teams
unreadyall         - set all players to unready
vc               - cancel a running vote
wm               - warmupmode <0|1|2>

Client enhanced scripting commands:

addstr [target_string] [source_string]
   Appends [source_string] to [target_string]

modif[1..5] stuff
   +modif[1..5] and -modif[1..5] supports the option for people who
   want to double-bind multiple keys using key sequences, as shown
   in the example below:

     set normkeys "bind 1 weapon 1; bind 2 weapon 2"
     set altkeys  "bind 1 say_team nme incoming; bind 2 say_team base is safe"
     +modif1 vstr normkeys
     -modif1 vstr altkeys
     bind shift +modif1
   Now when pressing the SHIFT key, +modif1 wil be executed.  When
   it is released, the vstr bound to -modif1 will be executed.  In this
   example, pressing shift will bind the 1 and 2 keys to weapons 1 and 2.
   When SHIFT is released, the 1 and 2 keys will be bound to
   "say_team nme incoming!" and "say_team base is under attack!".
   As a usage scenario from the above example, tapping the SHIFT key and
   then hitting the 1 key will result in issuing a "say_team nme incoming!".
   Pressing and HOLDING the SHIFT key while tapping the 1 key will switch
   to weapon 1.

   Note: This command requires initialization AFTER the cgame is loaded.  You
   simply cannot set your modif settings in a config file and expect them
   to automatically work (they are cgame commands).  However, you CAN use
   the "cg_execVstr" cvar to do an auto-init on after connecting to the

+vstr [down_command] [upcommand]
   Another useful way to create weapon switching scripts.  Here's an example:

   set shaft "weapon 6; wait 2; +attack"
   set unfire "-attack"
   bind mouse2 +vstr shaft unfire


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